Welcome. I’m a middle school teacher, poet and library movement activist in New Delhi, where I’ve lived since 2005. My first collection of poetry, New Delhi Love Songs has just released! It’s been published by Speaking Tiger with the support of the Jehangir Sabavala Foundation. Blurbs are below; here’s how you can buy it:

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Blurbs from the back cover:

New Delhi Love Songs is a collection abounding with shakarkandi-wallahs, jasmine-sellers, FM radios and cyclists, the Ghaziabad flower market and Moolchand Flyover; the Delhi all around us, the Delhi of ‘your flesh, yours seeds,/ your skin’, of ‘sweat and soil/ mixed with clover, sun and wind.’ Unusual, deeply affecting in their attentiveness to life that seldom makes headlines, these poems reinforce the skeins of humanity that sustain us. They are tender and droll – two qualities we desperately need, in the capital but also elsewhere – yet steadfast in their eschewal of easy sentimentality and facile observations. New Delhi Love Songs makes the heart ache; but also sing, from time to time, for this is where ‘even a dead river looks lovely.’  –Karthika Nair  

In these whimsical, deeply affectionate poems, New Delhi is both context and protagonist, alive in its dust, smog and everydayness, in the vibrant colour of the first lychees of the season, in the mysteries that lie between ‘city and sprawl’. The city finds an ardent archivist in Michael Creighton—one who stoutly keeps the faith that ‘warm rains’ will always ‘come to clear the dust’. Suffused by rare tenderness, these poems return through the welter of streets and residences to an address that remains at the abiding centre of this book—the place that the poet terms ‘the place I imagine my heart to be’.   –Arundhathi Subramaniam

Self-portraitI’m using this site to house the work I’ve published that is available on-line.  You can find that in the Poetry section, above. This isn’t a blog; I’ve got too much else to do.  But I’d love to hear from you. Mail me at mocreighton@yahoo.com; or friend or follow me on Facebook or Twitter, if you do that kind of thing.And if you love books and want to help build a library movement in Delhi, why not check out  The Community  Library Project? And if you’re a middle school or high school teacher of poetry, do stop by this open source resource page for teachers; you can add your best links and pass it on to others who may be interested.